parque urbano do marco de canaveses

Parque Urbano do Marco de Canaveses


Marco de Canaveses urban park

Public spaces have always been associated with human life and manifestation of citizenship. It is in the public spaces that the human expression is represented, the citizens manifest themselves and Man is mixed in a homeostatic cohabitation with the environment.

Public spaces (streets, avenues, squares, parks and gardens) are essential elements of the urban landscape because they have forms, volume and textures that define the city allowing man to understand and interpret the city. We want to use the public space as a link between the different pathway systems, public transport and public parking, strongly associated with the commercial and service areas, giving a strongly urban character, but with a proper identity of the place where it is inserted - "Glocal", where the site represents the "We" in a constant and real-time interaction with the global world.

The vision for Marco de Canaveses Urban Park consists in the accomplishment of three ambitions: convert; connect; qualify.

The first ambition is to convert the image of the existing space into an appropriate image of the contemporary experiences of the population. A new, collective and positive image. The second ambition is to relate the city with Park. The Park should be a part of the urban matrix, as such should become accessible to all. Accessible physically, but also visually, both in relation with people who circulate in the city, and in those who live there.

The third ambition is to qualify all the space, both in the materials and constructive methods and in the programmatic offer.

At a programmatic level, the diversity of opportunities for users is widened, from large lawns, platforms for passive/contemplative recreation, shadow and sun pathways, picnic areas, sports games spaces, squares, activity clearings, pergolas/spaces of shade and wetlands.

Conceptually it is intended that this Park presents a naturalized environment and organic forms to break with the surrounding urban environment. However, it is intended that the "key points" of the Park, namely squares and the main recreational areas, will reverse this environment and absorb the essence of the city's matrix through with diverse scales, colors and functions.

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// Ficha técnica: Promotor Câmara Municipal do Marco de Canaveses. Área 3.8Ha. Equipa Sérgio Pinto, Nelson Soares, Mariana Silva.